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Helping You Become Leaders

If you are not quite sure where to start or have a problem but don't know how to solve it, you can book a free initial meeting with the team at Sapien Innovation to explore exactly what is best for you.

Some of the areas we can discuss are:

Innovation & Creativity

We can explore the application of principles and practices associated with creativity and innovation. We can share with you our research-led and pedagogy-driven frameworks and methodologies for idea generation, problem-solving and creative collaboration for real-world impact.

Opportunity Generation, Recognition, & Communication

We can provide you with the toolkit to generate and recognise business opportunities. We can augment your process by developing your communication and articulation to key stakeholders. 

Enterprise Development

We can apply the process involved in creating, leading and scaling ventures and continued business success. We can define business, operating and revenue models. 


Space @ Dublin Business Innovation Centre, Dublin

+353 86 60 70 019

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